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We here at CANZ are very satisfied with the Innovation and Design that ‘CS Content and Design’ has put into our brand and website. The website interacts seamlessly with the social networking and different marketing structures.
Foremost they captured the essence of the company in multi media formats. Great work and what a beautiful website.
Thank you Sultan for your the engineering of the website , and thank you Cassie for it’s terrific content.

Our Unique Process

1. Consultation

In our consultation, we discussed brand colours, mission statements, products, marketing strategies, and more. From our meeting, we gathered field notes on what areas to focus on and how to build the CANZ brand.

2. Drafting

Once we had a clear idea on the personality and mission behind CANZ, we drafted their design–from their logo, to their website, to their print ads. We also brainstormed on the features that their copy should focus on and reflect.

3. Design

Next, after we sketched out a plan, we designed their brand, paying close attention to the user experience, responsiveness, and overall feel of their new brand. By correlating their content and design, we built a cohesive unit.

4. Feedback

From there, we shared our design with CANZ and received feedback. Next, we made the necessary revisions based on the company’s preference and specifications. In turn, the CANZ site reflects their vision and their mission.

5. Launch

Once the site is finished, revised, and perfected, it’s time for launch. With a new, fresh design and cohesive user experience, the CANZ brand can focus on marketing and growing their business, while being proud of their online presence.

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