If you own a business, you NEED email marketing. Yes, you heard that right. It is 100% necessary for you to develop some type of email marketing strategy. And with these 10 benefits of email marketing, you can’t ignore the importance of building your list.


If you’re reluctant to take the plunge, here some of the most important — and highly lucrative — reasons why you need to jump on the email marketing train.



1) Increase Your ROI


What’s the primary goal of any business? It’s to generate sales and pull in profits, right? In turn, any marketing strategy that offers a high ROI should be on a business’ top priority list.


This is precisely where we cue email marketing.


According to a Hubspot statistic, email marketing has a 3,800% average ROI. That’s a return of $38 for every $1 you spend. You don’t have to be a marketing guru to see the value in this statistic.


So why is email marketing so lucrative? It’s because 80% of your future leads need to be nurtured before taking a profitable action. They need to essentially be warmed up before they make a decision.


In fact, ⅔ of email subscribers have completed a purchase based solely on an email they received. That means more than half of your customers will use YOUR email to buy your product or service.


As a quick exercise, do a quick scan of your personal email. Pay attention to how often you click on a business’s email. Also, pay attention to how many highly profitable companies are investing in email marketing.


Now ask yourself this question: how can email marketing improve my ROI?



2) You Own Your Email Channel


It’s no secret that organic reach on social platforms has plummeted in recent years. With more competition for ad space and ever-changing algorithms, it’s extremely difficult to reach your target audience solely through organic means.


According to Social Media Today, Facebook’s organic reach lands around 6.4% for your page’s total amount of likes. Now, more than ever, business must pay to have their content seen.


And, worse yet, they don’t own those followers.


If Facebook decided tomorrow to call it quits, what would you do? You’d likely go into panic mode fairly fast.


But, with email marketing, those subscribers belong to you. Regardless of social media’s future, they will be within easy reach. And you don’t have to spend tons to get your content and promotions in front of them.


You control WHAT your subscribers see and WHEN they see it. And this benefit is one of the reasons email marketing is the biggest asset your business can have.




3) You Can Create Different Email Workflows


Workflows are an easy and effective way to reach subscribers at different places in your sales funnel. There will be subscribers that just signed on. There will be those dedicated leads that made past purchases. And there will be future customers with items waiting in their cart.


With email marketing, you can reach all these different lead types. Here’s a condensed list:


  • Abandoned Carts: An abandoned cart workflow is a great way to remind customers to purchase your product. They’ve already shown interest. They’ve already started an action. They’ve taken an interest in your product but haven’t yet taken the full plunge. What better way to prompt that purchase then sending them a quick reminder?


  • On-boarding: This workflow is especially beneficial to service-based businesses. You can create an automated system that walks clients through your process. It’s efficient; it’s clear; and it’s a great way to up your communication game.


  • Event reminders: If you have a business event, you can create a workflow that reminds attendees at certain stages. This strategy keeps your event in the back of your customers’ minds, while also tracking interest levels.


  • Recent purchases: If you have a customer that had a purchase, they are your most valuable lead. They’ve already shown interest, and they’ve already taken a profitable action. And, even better, they trust you enough to buy from you. So, by sending these customers other products they might be interested in, you can drastically increase your sales.


As leads move down the sales funnel, they get closer and closer to taking a valuable action. With email marketing workflows, you can walk these warmer leads into making a sale or booking a service.


And — better yet! — it’s all automated. So you can save time AND make more. That’s one of the benefits of email marketing you can’t ignore!



4) Better Targeting with Email Marketing


We hear it from the experts all the time: when running ads, targeting is everything. You want to get your ad in front to the people that are mostly likely to take action.


And what better way to target market then to the very same people that showed immediate interest.


Getting a user to fill out a form or trust you with their personal information is no easy feat. To do so, there has to be a relatively high level of desire. This means your subscribers are already interested in your product or service.


In turn, email marketing is one of the highest forms of targeting you can achieve. So don’t lose the opportunity to capture these leads, and create an email marketing strategy asap.




5) Increase Your Brand Awareness with Email Marketing


A business is only as strong as its brand. And, with email marketing, you can drastically increase your brand awareness.


When your subscribers receive your regular emails, they are interacting with your brand as often as you decide. By clicking on your links, reading your updates, and viewing your products they are becoming more and more comfortable with your brand and your mission. And, quickly, these subscribers become your most lucrative audience.


Plus, visitors that have a pleasant and valuable experience with your mission and messaging are more likely to share your brand with others! We all know referrals are the best marketing routes, because they are 100% free.



6) Creating Trust with Email Marketing


In a time where people are constantly overwhelmed with ads, trust is a HUGE factor in driving sales. From scams, to virtual theft, to unethical business practices, there are plenty of reasons why people mistrust online businesses.


With brand awareness comes trust. When your audience interacts with your messaging and content on a regular basis, you are building lasting trust with them. They know that if they buy a product or book a service, you WILL deliver, and you will protect their information.


As your audience’s trust grows, your sales will, likewise, increase. And as you continue to build lasting, impactful relationships with your customers, your financial glass ceiling will break.



7) Increase Your Website or Blog Traffic with Email Marketing


Website traffic is highly beneficial for ANY business. Not only does it improve your Google ranking, but it also enhances your retargeting efforts.


With email marketing, you can provide direct links to recent blog posts, certain portfolio items, and specific products or product pages. When a subscriber clicks on that link and explores your promotion, they are increasing your traffic numbers.


It’s so simple. Yet, it’s one of the benefits of email marketing that people often forget.





8) Easily Share Important Information with Email Marketing


Do you have a launch quickly approaching? Or do you have some news you’re dying to share with your audience?


What better way to share your news then with a personalized email?


In fact, when it comes to launches, email marketing has a 40% higher chance of converting. So, if you build your email list BEFORE launching a new product or service, you increase your chances of valuable leads and sales by almost half!


In addition, you can easily share changes to your business. Think back to the onstart of COVID. How many emails did you get from businesses, updating you on their new policies. In that single email, you knew if they’d offer at home shipping, curb-side pickup, or if they were closed entirely.


Communication is one of the most important benefits of email marketing that can’t be overlooked. It makes sharing news and launching promos easier, faster, and more cost effective than other marketing alternatives.



9) Use Email Marketing to Test Marketing Strategies


When you start a new marketing strategy, you don’t truly know how effective it’ll be until you try it. You can take educated guesses, but until you put that offer or ad into the world, you won’t know for sure. 


With email marketing, you can test different marketing techniques without spending hundreds or even thousands on paid ads. You can read the metrics of your email software and see what emails are performing. Is one getting more clicks than others? Why? Or is one performing significantly worse than previous emails? Why?


These are super helpful tools you can use to understand your audience and discover what they need and want to see.


Then, you can build your paid ads around this new data. And when your first-time audience immediately connects with your content, your conversions will skyrocket.



10) Email Marketing Increases Engagement


As business owners, we want people to engage with our brand. We want our audience to find value in our content and express their gratitude through likes, shares, comments, leads, and more.


And email marketing is your ticket to higher engagement rates.


When subscribers receive regular updates from yours truly, they are more likely to tune into your Facebook lives or engage with your Instagram posts or watch your Youtube videos.




Because you’re building a lasting and personalized connection with them. They want to show up on your feed. They want to browse through your website. And they want to leave you reviews.


And we all know: with more engagement comes more exposure. And with more exposure comes more brand awareness. I could go on but I think you know where this thought train ends . . .


With more sales and more profits.



Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Email Marketing


You know email marketing is important — if not the most important — part of your brand’s marketing strategy. After these 10 benefits, you can no longer deny that you NEED email marketing if you want to take your sales to the next level.


But not everyone has the time, expertise, or confidence to create and nurture their own email marketing campaigns. If you’re ready to take the plunge but need a little help along the way, head over to our contact form, and send us a quick note. For each new client, we offer a FREE consultation.


Now we want to know: are you ready to take your brand to new, unimaginable heights with email marketing?