5 07, 2020

How to Batch Work: Create a Content Calendar & Save Time

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Batching work is one of the most effective ways to create consistent and strategic content. We've all been there -- rushing through an Instagram caption or plugging through yet another blog post with little thought. And, more often than not, we're left with an uninspiring block of text that we're slightly ashamed of. Well, that's where batching your work comes in handy. It allows you to focus on one specific task for a set duration of time -- meaning you're almost completely engrossed in that topic. And, when you're in the zone, your ideas flow better, and you create better content that will likely boost your engagement and conversion rates. So, in this helpful post, I've laid out the practices that I follow diligently to produce content I'm proud to stamp my name on.

5 07, 2020

5 Must Know Secrets to Creating Successful Facebook Ads

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I can still remember the first time I hopped onto Ads Manager, nearly jumping with excitement to run my very first ad. I thought the software would be as easy to understand as Facebook's front-end. After all, how hard can it be? Whelp -- I soon found out exactly how difficult it is. Half of the options I didn't understand, and I spent most of the time researching concepts and terms, getting more and more stressed. So, I decided to do what all naive millennials do when they hit a road block. I called back some of my humility, and realized I had some - and by some, I mean a lot - of studying to do before I launched my first ad. Sound familiar? . . . Thought so. Over the years, I've studied, practiced, failed, succeeded, and learned all about the ins and outs of Facebook ad campaigns. And, from that experience, I've compiled my Top 6 Secrets to Creating Successful Facebook Ads.

5 07, 2020

How to Create a Productive Morning Routine: 10 Steps to Create Balance & Foster Success

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We can’t wait to get up in the morning. Yep, you heard that right. Over the last while, we’ve established a morning routine that makes getting up in the morning exciting. If that statement seems like voodoo magic to you, you’re not alone. Before we created a morning routine, our AM ritual was three words: rushed and chaotic. We had no plan. We rolled out of bed with blurry eyes at the last possible moment and slugged through our morning. And our day followed a similar trajectory. Then we started seeing topics on morning routines splashed across social media, popular blogs, and even science-backed publications. So, we decided to give it a shot. We did some research and tinkered with our routine until we established a ritual that worked for us. And now we want to share our discoveries with you, so you can regain the power of your mornings.

5 07, 2020

5 Common Grammar Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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“English grammar is confusing.” I cannot count the amount of times I’ve heard the above phrase. As an English tutor, I helped many young students understand the confusing maze that is our language. From proper preposition use, to comma splices and run-ons sentences, to subject-verb agreements, I’ve covered it all. But why is the English language so confusing? Why do we have so many broken rules and conflicting guidelines? Well, it all starts with the formation of modern English. I won’t go off on a lengthy tangent into the history of the English language, but I will tell you this: over the years, we’ve acquired terms from across the globe and incorporated them into our language. English is a fascinating conglobulation of different linguistic influences, including Latin, French, Arabic, and many other languages! And it’s confusing as hell, especially for new speakers. So, here’s 5 common grammar mistakes you’re making and how to fix them.

30 06, 2020

10 Benefits of Email Marketing You Can’t Ignore

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If you own a business, you NEED email marketing. Yes, you heard that right. It is 100% necessary for you to develop some type of email marketing strategy. And with these 10 benefits of email marketing, you can't ignore the importance of building your list. If you’re reluctant to take the plunge, here some of the most important -- and highly lucrative -- reasons why you need to jump on the email marketing train.

2 02, 2020

5 WordPress Hacks That Will Transform Your Website

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Wordpress is a powerful tool in the web development world. It allows you to manage content, build websites, and create stunning designs with relative ease. If you’re new to Wordpress, I would certainly recommend that you invest in a Wordpress course. The back end, without training, can be a bit difficult to navigate. We typically use Udemy or Skillshare for our online learning. Once you have a basic understanding of Wordpress, you can implement these 5 tactics to build a website worth viewing.

29 01, 2020

Top 5 Marketing Blogs to Drastically Expand Your Business

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Marketing is a crucial element of any business. No matter how great your product or service is, if nobody has heard of you, then your business will not grow. However, with a clear, concise, and effective marketing strategy, your business will flourish. Below, I’ve listed my top 5 marketing blogs that were detrimental sources in my business development and growth.

26 01, 2020

Goal Setting 101: How to Create Goals that Last

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Goals drive results. Ideas are great, but, without a clear objective, those sparks of sheer brilliance will fall flat. If you don’t have a gameplan, how can you expect action to follow? That’s why goal-setting is a must for any ambitious individual with an idea they cannot let go of. In this post, I’ve shared my 5 best strategies for goal setting. By following this outline, I’ve created a business while also focusing on other passion projects.

22 01, 2020

Must-Know Copywriting Tips: How to Find & Speak to Your Audience

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Copywriting can make or break your ads. It can create a loyal base of engaged customers. Or it can turn visitors away at the click of a button. These 5 Must-Know Copy Tips will transform your ad campaigns and improve your conversion rates.

19 01, 2020

Top 5 SEO Strategies You Need for a Successful Blog Post

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You've heard the experts -- effective SEO strategies are a must for your business or brand. It's been talked about, taught in online classrooms around the world, and practiced by industry leaders. Neil Patel come to mind yet? And there's a reason it's discussed so often.