What’s the one thing EVERY website owner and blogger wants?

. . . More clicks on their content. They want to put their work, products, or services in front of as many people as possible that align with their offer.

And titles are the first step in accomplishing this goal. If you have a strong, click-worthy title, then your audience will WANT to navigate to your link. They will WANT to interrupt their Facebook scrolling, Pinterest feed, or Google page to follow your CTA.

All because your title inspired action. So, that all sounds swell, but how do you write click-worthy titles that catch your audience’s attention? How do you craft those powerful, noteworthy titles that are impossible to ignore?

Let’s take a look, shall we?


1) Create a CLEAR Title

When it comes to titles, clear is better than quirky anyway. If your potential reader doesn’t understand what your content will be about, how can you possibly expect them to navigate to your page?

If you look at the title of this post, you’ll notice that it tells my audience EXACTLY what this content contains. There is no confusion. Even more, my title reflects my content. So, when visitors land on my page, they know what to expect, AND they feel satisfied with the content. I don’t make a promise and then fail to deliver.

I see quirky, unclear titles all over Facebook and Pinterest. If I’m scrolling through my feed and see a stunning graphic but an unclear title, then I won’t click on the link. Even worse, if I read a compelling title, click to the content page, and realize the author failed to deliver on their promise with unrelated content, I will likely never return.

Plus, if I can’t immediate grasp the value I’m going to receive from ANY title, I won’t give it the time of day — and the majority of online users are the same. We live in an era of free information. So, if you can’t tell your potential reader why they should click to your page, then they likely won’t take any interest.

Now, to help you write clear and compelling titles, I’ve provided some helpful strategies below. So, make sure you keep reading!


2) Answer Your ‘Who?’

Your title should clearly express who your content is for and who will benefit most from reading / watching it.

Once again, if you read over the title of this post, you’ll see ‘Copywriting Tips.’ Not only is this great for SEO (more on that later), but it will speak to any current or aspiring copywriter . . . or any business owner that can’t quite afford a copywriter. That audience will feel directly drawn to my post.

I want to speak to those most likely to take action.

This concept is a crucial element to copywriting that often gets missed. People often focus on crafting exciting titles that will speak to the masses. But this tactic is prone to failure. Instead, you want to narrow down who your audience is and address them in your title.

Remember, Google tracks click-backs. And, if you don’t clearly identify your who and the wrong people find your page, then Google’s algorithm will track that data. Don’t let ineffective titles negatively impact your ranking.

When you draft your next title, really think and consider who is most likely to click on your content AND find value in what you’re offering. If you’re unsure how to find and speak to your ‘who’, check out this past post on writing for your target audience.

3) Answer Your ‘What?’

Your title should also indicate what EXACTLY your content is about.

And there should be absolutely no surprises — unless, of course, those surprises include freebies and sales. I mean who doesn’t like valuable freebies??

For the sake of an example, we’ll turn back to the title of this post. We already know the who are copywriters and those who practice copywriting. And we also know the what . . .

. . . Titles!

Visitors who land on my post will know what my content will include: how to write click-worthy titles for their posts. Pretty simple, right?


4) Answer Your ‘Why?’

Read carefully, because this strategy is ESSENTIAL for crafting compelling titles.

You must identify why your audience MUST read, watch, or listen to your content. They need to know the EXACT value and potential results they will receive through your post.

I know you’re probably tired of my title by now, but let’s take one last look. We know the who are copywriters. We know that what are titles. And we know the why is more clicks.

After someone reads this post, they will have the strategies needed to write click-worthy titles. They know that practicing these steps will result in more traffic to their content.

So, now that we’ve successfully dissected the title of this post, you know the 3 critical parts of creating a title that inspires action.

Now, let’s look at a couple more factors.

5) Create an Interesting Title

You have a title that perfectly reflects your content AND your audience’s wants. You’ve answered the 3 Ws and have a solid title. Now, you want to make sure people simply can’t scroll past your title. It should be irresistible, stopping your ICA (ideal customer avatar) in their tracks.

So take the opportunity to brag about what your post has to offer, and make it sound as awesome as it is.

Don’t downplay the big secrets you’re sharing or the insightful tips you’re providing. Don’t be afraid to make a promise — just make sure you deliver!

Make it sound so dang valuable that people can’t help but click.


6) Use SEO Practices

Now that you have a title people gravitate towards like moths to a flame, you want to make sure people are actually seeing it. This is where SEO comes in.

Your title needs to answer the 3 Ws, be interesting, AND be fully optimized. It may sound like a big package, but, if you break your title down into its components, it’s not difficult or too time-consuming.

If SEO still seems like an unattainable practice, then check out this past post on my top 5 SEO strategies.


Final Thoughts

If you write titles for ANY content, these practices are a MUST. Brainstorm how you can tackle each point in this post, and watch as the views roll in. And always remember that, regardless of your background, talents, or writing ability, if you follow these steps, you can create those incredible, click-worthy titles.

Also, if you have any strategies you use, share below!