Batching work is one of the most effective ways to create consistent and strategic content. We’ve all been there — rushing through an Instagram caption or plugging through yet another blog post with little thought. And, more often than not, we’re left with an uninspiring block of text that we’re slightly ashamed of.


Well, that’s where batching your work comes in handy. It allows you to focus on one specific task for a set duration of time — meaning you’re almost completely engrossed in that topic. And, when you’re in the zone, your ideas flow better, and you create better content that will likely boost your engagement and conversion rates.


So, in this helpful post, I’ve laid out the practices that I follow diligently to produce content I’m proud to stamp my name on.



1) Create a Content Schedule


This key step is unavoidable. To batch work, you have to be organized. You must have set days you accomplish specific tasks. Seriously, this is coming from someone you leaves a clean pile of laundry for longer than acceptable. I’m not the most organized person, but creating a set content calendar has literally transformed the efficiency level in my business.


Here’s what I do:


I) First, I outline the days I post on which social media accounts. From there, I jot down when I post blog posts. Not too bad, right?


Here’s an example to get you started:


  • Instagram & Facebook: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 
  • Blog Posts: Tuesday & Saturday
  • Pinterest: Sunday, Wednesday, & Saturday
  • LinkedIn: Friday


So, based off that simple schedule, I know which days I’m posting on what platform. Also, keep in mind that each post isn’t original content. There’s no way I have time to create 10 different posts each week. I repurpose content across my social platforms, which still boosts engagement but doesn’t take too much time.


II) Next, I establish which days I’m performing specific tasks. That way, I can batch work on different days to maximize productivity and inspiration.


Let’s have a look:


  • Mondays: Blog Posts (x2) & Pinterest Graphics – for the week
  • Tuesdays: Photography (1 shot each) – for the week
  • Wednesdays: Social Media captions/content creation
  • Thursdays: Graphics
  • Friday: Email marketing
  • Saturdays: Online ads
  • Sundays: Blog post planning


Each day I know which task lands on specific days. That way, I can focus on the task at hand and prepare for the week ahead. If you follow your schedule like it’s permanently etched in stone, you’ll have a consistent flow of content for the week to come.


It’s also important to separate your tasks into bite-sized pieces. Remember, you have a business to run, and online marketing shouldn’t stand in the way of serving your clients or customers.


Also, let’s be honest . . . how many times have you pushed aside creating content to perform the more ‘important’ tasks in your business? If you’re anything like me, your hand is probably waving in the air, while a slight dash of shame creeps across your cheeks.


My friend, we’ve all been there. But creating a content calendar and batching your work truly helps.


2) Be Strategic


The best content stems from a healthy dose of inspiration mixed with an equal portion of strategy. Brainstorm content that will serve your audience most. And — just a quick FYI — by batching your work, you’re more likely to create relatable content for your audience.


For instance, on Sundays, the days that I plan out my blog posts, I start by jotting down all the struggles I faced the past week. Perhaps a Facebook ad didn’t perform as well as I had hoped. Or maybe I learned something new about SEO or Photoshop. Whatever it is, make a list of some of the challenges or victories that occurred over the past week.


Because, chances are, if you faced a certain problem, then members of your audience did as well. Remember what our teachers used to say: “If you have a question, chances are your classmate does too”?


Another method is to think — or refer — back to any comments, emails, or other forms of engagement from your audience. Did they have a similar question? Maybe they liked a specific piece you had published? Whatever it is, let your audience decide what you should post next.


And guess what — by being strategic about your content and planning it our in advance gives you more control over what you post. Even better — by batching those tasks, you’re already in the right space to expand on your content and create from a place of productivity.



3) Create an Inspiration Journal


Have you ever experienced those moments where you’re plodding along, completing some daily activity, when — boom! — a spark of inspiration hits. You think about it for a moment and give yourself an imaginary high five, more than impressed with your brilliance.


Then, as the day carries on, you promptly forget all about that genius idea.


I’m guessing that you’re nodding along . . . because this has happened to me one too many times.


By keeping an inspiration journal — or even the notes app on your device — handy, you can keep tabs on your sparks of genius. Then, when the time comes and you’re ready for your batch day, you’ll — hopefully — have a healthy list of inspiration to keep your mind fuelled.




Final Thoughts


If you’re still unconvinced that batching work is the best thing for your business, then try it for one week — just 7 short days — and, if you’re not fired up by all the great work you’re creating, then . . . well, I’m stumped. I simply refuse to believe it.


If you have more practices you use, comment below and share your insider tips!


Till next time, my friends. ✌🏻