Project Description

Project Brief

At the beginning of 2020, CANZ, an Edmonton home renovation company, contacted us to complete a full rebrand of their company. They purchased the rights to a new roofing product and wanted a consistent online presence to maximize their marketing efforts.

We designed a cohesive and unique website, featuring some of the following high-demand services:

  • An appealing colour palette that reflects the personality behind their brand

  • A roofing collection page that catalogs their products

  • Compelling, research-driven copy

  • A design that tells a story and captivates an audience

Fully responsive and consistent, the CANZ website is a perfect example of how colour, copy, and design can come together to form a unified brand.

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Marketing Material

CANZ Post Cards Mockup
CANZ Business Cards Mockup
CANZ Email Marking Mockup

Logo Design

CANZ is a family owned and operated business. In fact, their company name is an acronym for each member of the family. They wanted their logo to reflect their family values and their professional conduct.

With its strong font, embossed features, and cohesive design, the CANZ logo reflects their mission, while also reflecting their industry. It’s strong and unified—a perfect depiction of the company.

Available in 3 format options, we wanted to ensure their logo could be used anywhere. Whether it’s displayed in its stand-alone form or through an in-line depiction, the CANZ logo is versatile and flexible.


Brand Identity

Consistency is key to any successful brand. That’s why we start each project with a detailed moodboard. By choosing industry-related colours, specific fonts, and an intentional appearance, we can create a cohesive design that reflects the brand.

In this instance, we opted for colours that embody the eco-friendly products of CANZ and the more masculine feel of the company. In addition, we wanted to set CANZ apart from typical home renovation companies, since their products and services are both revolutionary and unique.

By using this colour and design sequence across their print and digital presence, we’ve created a consistent visual identity that is attractive and recognizable.

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Web Design & Development

Using WordPress and Elementor, we created a custom design for CANZ. We also used other software, such as Photoshop, to build the custom graphics that are fully unique to their website.

The design mainly stemmed from 2 factors:

  • We wanted to give CANZ a fully unique design to reflect the revolutionary products they offer and their family values

  • We wanted to keep their readers and visitors engaged throughout their site

The result is a responsive design that takes each visitor through their products, while also emphasizing their mission and values.



Copywriting is an essential factor of branding that many businesses overlook. Crafting a consistent message and selling your products in a way that prompts action are only some of the skills copywriters possess.

For the CANZ website, we focused on three key elements while creating their copy:

  1. Family Values: CANZ is a proud family business. And we crafted their copy to reflect that element of their brand. Trust, transparency, and transformation are the keywords/themes we focused on
  2. Innovation: The products that CANZ offers are innovative, and our copy reflects this important element of their company
  3. Longevity: CANZ’s products offer lifetime warranties. We made sure our copy focuses on this key feature

With these important factors in mind, we created copy that instills trust, prompts action, and highlights the most important–and profitable!–features that CANZ offers.


Email Marketing

Every Friday morning, we send a fresh and valuable email to CANZ’s ever-growing subscription list. Through our clean and consistent content, CANZ’s audience stays engaged with their brand. This means their subscribers always have the CANZ brand on their radar.

And, from their email list, they’ve experienced these scalable benefits:

  1. Increased website traffic
  2. Higher engagement rates
  3. More quality leads
  4. Rising sales
  5. Increased brand awareness

Each week, we also create and share a blog post for CANZ’s audience to enjoy.

CANZ Email Marking Mockup

Our Unique Process

1. Consultation

In CANZ’s free consultation, we discussed the personality and mission behind their business. We also talked about where they wanted to take their brand and their budgeting options and restraints. After the consultation, we sent CANZ our on-boarding package.

2. Drafting

From there, we drafted a logo, a brand moodboard and palette, and a conceptual design for the website. We also completed extensive research to understand the industry and what CANZ’s audience wanted.

3. Design

With CANZ’s vision in mind and with our own research handy, we designed their website and graphics, which included business cards and flyers. In addition, we also crafted their copy and wrote some content for their blog.

4. Feedback

Throughout this entire process, we kept CANZ informed, sharing our progress with them along the way. Once the designs were complete, we shared the final project with them to receive feedback. Afterwards, we made the necessary changes they requested.

5. Launch

Once their designs and copy were perfected, CANZ launched their new website through online marketing. Now, they receive more leads with much better results. Their customers enjoy the clean, user-friendly experience.

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