Project Description

Project Brief

Metex Stone Worx contacted us near the end of 2019 to design a new, more organized catalog site for them. They wanted their customers to easily access their different product lines.

We created a cohesive, on-brand design and included these other services:

  • Clean and modern product pages

  • Compelling copy for their landing pages and product descriptions

  • Graphic design 

  • Photography

Fully responsive, fast, and easy-to-navigate, the Metex website sparks action and drives engagement.

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Over the course of the Fall, we took several photos for Metex at a wide-range of job sites. Included in each photography package is wide lens shots, close ups, and many different angles. Metex uses these images throughout their website and in their print and digital advertising.

Catalog Design

With the new launch of Metex’s website, they needed a digital catalog to send to prospective customers. Keeping their brand aesthetic in mind, we created a quality, professional, and on-brand catalog.

Using Adobe software, we built the custom catalog with original graphics, fresh copy, and innovative design techniques.

Web Design & Development

Using WordPress and Flatsome, we developed a custom design for Metex. We also used other software, such as Photoshop, to design their custom graphics.

Our design was inspired by 3 overarching factors:

  • We wanted to give CANZ a fully unique design to reflect the revolutionary products they offer and their family values

  • We wanted to keep their visitors engaged throughout the site by using interactive features, such as galleries, sliders, and a mega menu.

  • We wanted the design to reflect Metex’s high level of professionalism.

As a result, the site offers a pleasant user experience and features an organized design, while also emphasizing Metex’s quality products.

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Copywriting is more than words on a screen. It’s hours of research, brainstorming, crafting, and editing. 

For Metex, our copy reflects the quality products they bring to contractors and designers. It highlights the selling features of their products, while also presenting a strong air of professionalism.

While crafting our copy, we focused on these features:

  1. What exactly Metex’s customers needs and wants are
  2. How Metex wanted to represent their brand
  3. Direct and informative descriptions

With these factors in mind, our copy reflects the voice and mission behind Metex.

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Our Process

1. Consultation

During our in-person consultation, we discussed Metex’s products, budget, and project scope. We received a clear idea of how they wanted their website designed and how they wanted their content formed.

2. Drafting

First, we provided Metex with a variety of sample designs to see which design resonated most with them. From there, we completed industry-related research and formed a conceptual framework.

3. Design

During the design process, we built a custom website based on Metex’s preferences and brand. We kept the interface clean and consistent, while organizing their products and placing everything in an easy-to-follow format.

4. Feedback

Throughout the entire process, we communicated with Metex through in-person and virtual means. When we shared the final design, we made any necessary changes based on their feedback.

5. Launch

Once all the changes had been made and the design fully matched Metex’s vision and brand, we launched the site. Their visitors enjoy the modern interface and clean functionality.

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